Tumescent Liposuction and the Superwet Technique

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When liposuction was popularized in the early 1980s, there was a large amount of bleeding, bruising, swelling and post-operative pain. These side effects quickly led plastic surgeons to search for techniques that could minimize such problems.

The first innovation was designed to make fat removal less traumatic. Plastic surgeons injected limited amounts of intravenous-like fluid to expand the “fat space” and make it easier to remove fat. Soon small amounts of epinephrine (adrenaline) were added to constrict blood vessels and decrease bleeding. This approach was known as the wet" technique.

In 1985, tumescent liposuction was introduced. In tumescent liposuction, a local anesthetic, xylocaine (or Lidocaine), was added to provide numbing to the treated area in addition to the epinephrine. The tumescent technique was used primarily as a local anesthesia and required that the amount of fluid injected into the “fat space” was 3-4 times the amount of anticipated fat removal. The disadvantage of tumescent liposuction is that injecting large amounts of fluid increases the risk of leading to toxic levels of xylocaine and epinephrine.

Advancements in Tumescent Liposuction

The most recent development in Tumescent Liposuction has been the "superwet technique". In the superwet technique, the concentrations of xylocaine and epinephrine are the same as in the tumescent technique, but smaller volumes of fluid are used, generally a 1:1 ratio of fluid injected to fat removed.

The superwet technique has all of the benefits of fluid injection, pain control and decreased bruising, but less risk of complications. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Fata uses the superwet technique with a general anesthesia for most of his liposuction patients.

The superwet technique can be used in other procedures to decrease pain and bruising. Dr. Fata uses the superwet technique in other body contouring procedures, such as a tummy tuck, an arm lift or a thigh lift.

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