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Dr. Joseph J. Fata is the medical director of Renaissance Plastic Surgery, a premier plastic surgery practice located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Our Board certified plastic surgeon offers a wide range of plastic surgery procedures, including:


Dr. Fata and his staff are dedicated to giving you the highest standard of cosmetic plastic surgery. They offer an unmatched combination of personal care and advanced technology that focuses exclusively on you, the patient. This commitment to each individual patient since 1992 has resulted in thousands of satisfied cosmetic plastic surgery patients in Indianapolis, Carmel, throughout the state of Indiana and the entire Midwest.

Plastic surgeon Joseph J. Fata, MD has developed a unique style of practicing plastic surgery with a dedicated focus on cosmetic surgery. His office has a “boutique-like” feel that emphasizes personal service in a relaxed setting. You will see Dr. Fata every visit and he will provide all of your plastic surgery care. Our patients never feel that they are being “handled” or “passed around” by various staff members.

Breast Augmentation

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Dr. Fata was one of the first plastic surgeons in the Indianapolis, Indiana area to introduce a program designed for a quick recovery after breast augmentation, which has greatly benefited patients who can’t afford the “down time”. To learn more about his rapid recovery program for breast augmentation patients, click “24 Hour Rapid Recovery Program” and see how you can have your plastic surgery with almost no down time.

Did you know that the FDA approved silicone gel breast implants for use in cosmetic surgery breast augmentation in November of 2006? Fifteen years of intense research resulted in the conclusion that earlier allegations that silicone gel breast implant patients developed immune system diseases, such as Rheumatoid Arthritis, were not correct. The evidence showed that there was no cause and effect between silicone gel breast implants and immune system diseases of any kind.

Since this landmark FDA approval, cosmetic surgeon Dr. Fata has offered a choice of either silicone gel breast implants or saline breast implants to his breast augmentation patients in Indianapolis, Carmel and throughout Indiana. To find out more about the pros and cons of both types of breast implants, visit our web page dedicated to silicone gel breast implants.

Of course, the right choice for you regarding the type of breast implant can only by made after a thorough discussion with Dr. Fata. You will also learn about the advantages and disadvantages of different types of incisions and implant placement. Call 317-575-9152 to contact Dr. Fata to schedule your appointment at his Indianapolis plastic surgery office. Get your questions on breast enlargement answered.

Body Contouring Surgery

What is body contouring surgery? It is a broad term that includes all surgical procedures in which fat and/or skin is removed from the breast, tummy, arms or legs to improve one's overall body shape and contour. Although some weight may be lost, it is not considered to be a weight loss tool.

The plastic surgery procedures under the umbrella of body contouring surgery include breast lift, breast reduction, tummy tuck (or abdominoplasty), arm lift (or brachioplasty), thigh lift and liposuction. Candidates for these procedures include patients at ideal weight with unwanted fat deposits, overweight patients looking for improvement, and patients who have lost large amounts of weight, either through weight loss (bariatric surgery) or other means. Bariatric, or weight loss, surgery is a rapidly growing field and St. Vincent Carmel Hospital, located adjacent to the Carmel Ambulatory Surgery Center where Dr. Fata performs his cosmetic surgery procedures, is one of the largest volume bariatric centers in Indiana and the Midwest.

Non-Invasive Procedures

The term non-invasive procedure has been coined to describe a broad array of non-surgical techniques designed to improve ones’ appearance. Although it may sound simple, these injections should be performed by a cosmetic surgeon. These techniques include the injection of solutions to relax the muscles and improve wrinkles (BOTOX® Cosmetic and Dysport®), and the injection of filler materials to smooth out wrinkles (Juvederm®, and Restylane®).

BOTOX® Cosmetic and filler injections have demonstrated such rapid growth that they are now the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the Midwest. Non-invasive options also include topical treatments, such as laser skin treatments (the FRAXEL® Laser), dermabrasion, and chemical peels. The indications for these topical treatments include the effects of aging and sun damage (wrinkles, brown spots, loss of skin tone) and acne scars. Plastic surgeon Dr. Fata performs all of these non-invasive procedures, including the FRAXEL® Laser, in his Indianapolis plastic surgery office.

One exciting new development in the non-invasive arena is the recent approval by the FDA of Latisse®, the only treatment for short, thinning eyelashes. Latisse® has been shown to stimulate the growth of longer and fuller eyelashes. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana, Dr. Fata offers prescription strength Latisse® as well as a new hair product, Age Intervention®, a hair conditioner that results in noticeably thicker and fuller hair. Many patients using Age Intervention® have even noticed new hair growth.

Call 317-575-9152 to contact cosmetic surgeon Dr. Fata to learn more about these exciting new innovations in skin and hair care.

Dr. Fata is a top Breast Enhancement doctor on RealSelf.