The Angelina Effect: Breast Implants and Mammography Screenings

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Breast health advocates such as Dr. Joseph Fata celebrated this week when the results of a British study revealed that more women are seeking mammograms since actress Angelina Jolie decided to publicize her decision to undergo a double mastectomy due to the genetic likelihood that she would otherwise develop breast cancer.

Women in Indiana and worldwide who have opted for cosmetic breast augmentation can and should be equally vigilant about having regular mammograms, and should rest assured that breast implants rarely inhibit a physician from performing a mammogram breast cancer screening.

Although physicians may vary the way in which they screen for breast cancer when a patient has breast implants, if cancer begins, it will be detectible after breast augmentation.

And, at least one study shows that even 1 in 3 women with natural breasts who have developed early breast cancer have tumors that are missed during an initial screening.

Each person's physiology is different, and while there is no guarantee that mammography after breast augmentation will be uneventful, science has proven that there is no connection between saline breast implants nor silicone breast implants and the development of disease.

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