Are Silicone Breast Implants Safe?

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There are understandably a lot of concerns about silicone breast implants from Indiana women considering a breast augmentation. But while silicone implants were taken off the market for years while the Food and Drug Administration studied them, those investigations revealed that silicone implants presented no un-due risks to patients.

It's important to understand that all surgical procedures, including the breast augmentation, have risks. This is true whether you opt for silicone or saline breast implants.

However, concerns that silicone implants posed a unique danger to women were shown to be unfounded. The FDA concluded there was no evidence to justify banning the use of silicone implants.

Dr. Joseph Fata and his staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery are primarily concerned with your safety. We would not offer silicone breast implants if we weren't confident in their safety.

Many Indiana women prefer silicone implants because they have a more natural look and feel than saline breast implants. But the choice that's right for you will be determined by your specific goals and circumstances.

The takeaway here is that you can be confident in the safety of silicone breast implants. And you can be confident in Dr. Fata's decades of experience.

If you're an Indiana woman considering breast implants, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.