Beware of “Bargain” Plastic Surgery in Indiana

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At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we understand that times are still tough, and the need to squeeze every dollar still deeply felt. When you’re considering a plastic surgery procedure and researching the cosmetic surgery providers in Indiana, it’s tempting to look at price as the determining factor.

But while this is understandable, it’s also a mistake. It can end up costing you more money down the road. And, most importantly, it can put your health in danger.

Many doctors without specialized training in, or experience with, plastic surgery try and entice patients with the promise of low prices. This is legal, but you should always look for a board-certified plastic surgeon.

All of our procedures are commonly performed and possess impressive safety records, but surgery is still serious, no matter how safe. When you put your body in the hands of an Indiana doctor without the appropriate training or experience in order to save money, you put yourself at risk.

Dr. Joseph Fata has helped a number of patients who have suffered surgical errors and walked away deeply dissatisfied with a previous plastic surgery experience. You want a positive, productive experience the first time.

We make all of our costs as transparent as possible, and we offer financing options so that plastic surgery can be within your reach.

If you’re an Indiana resident considering plastic surgery, opt for the best surgeon, not the cheapest. Please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.