Breast Asymmetry

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No woman has perfectly symmetrical, or identical, breasts. However, for some women the disparity in size and shape between their breasts can be a source of constant self-consciousness and discomfort. For these women, correction of breast asymmetry can lead to a dramatic improvement in self-confidence and feelings of attractiveness.

If you are bothered by a significant asymmetry in your breasts and would like to learn whether breast augmentation can help you achieve the look you desire, the best thing is to schedule a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Joseph J. Fata. To schedule a consultation with Dr. Fata, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Simple Breast Asymmetry

The most common and simplest to correct form of breast asymmetry is a significant difference in breast volume. There may also be subtle differences in shape and nipple position, but correcting the volume difference is typically adequate to create an aesthetically pleasing result. This type of breast asymmetry can be corrected with breast augmentation using two different sizes of breast implant. Either silicone breast implants or saline breast implants can be used in this procedure.

Breast Asymmetry with Sagging

As the difference in size between breasts increases, the larger breast may have significantly more sagginess than the smaller breast. Full correction of asymmetry between these two breasts may require not only breast augmentation but also a breast lift on the breast with greater sagging. To correct this type of asymmetry, Dr. Fata typically recommends performing a breast lift on the sagging side and augmentation of both breasts using different size silicone gel breast implants.  These two procedures can be performed at the same time or separately, and this decision is best made after discussing it with Dr. Fata.

Poland's Syndrome

Poland's syndrome represents a very advanced form of breast asymmetry. In Poland's syndrome, one breast has not developed at all. The nipple is very small and the chest wall muscle under the breast is absent. Correction of this type of breast asymmetry involves breast reconstruction on the absent breast.

Dr. Fata uses a two-stage process involving a latissimus dorsi muscle flap for reconstruction of Poland's syndrome. The first stage involves taking muscle from your back and an expander, which resembles an unfilled saline implant, is placed under the muscle. This expander is gradually filled with saline to stretch the skin and muscle until the reconstructed and natural breast match. Then a silicone breast implant is inserted at the second stage.

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