Breast Augmentation and Mammogram/Cancer Screening

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The truth about breast augmentation and mammograms is that the breast implant affects the results of the mammogram in the following ways:

  • Tissue underlying the implant is not visible
  • Compression to surrounding tissue may hide calcifications and masses
  • Calcifications caused by scarring may look like cancer to a mammogram viewer
  • Implant rupture is a rare but possible risk of mammograms

Augmented breasts should still be screened for cancer. Mammographers who have experience with breast implants adjust for the implant by positioning the breast a certain way and taking four pictures instead of two.

It is worth noting the risk of rupture during a mammogram is low: Only 41 cases of rupture caused by mammograms were reported to the FDA between 1992 and 2002. The bottom line is that the value of early breast cancer detection outweighs the obstacles and risks listed above.

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