Breastfeeding and Breast Augmentation

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Breastfeeding with Breast ImplantsIf you are a young woman considering breast augmentation, worries about how the procedure may impact your future ability to breastfeed are natural. They are also, however, almost entirely unnecessary. When placed correctly, breast implants should not impede your ability to breastfeed. Nonetheless, it is important that you discuss your desire to breastfeed with Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata during your initial consultation. Having this knowledge, Dr. Fata will be able to make adjustments to your procedure that will serve to minimize potential complications.

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Practical Considerations

Breast implants placed above chest muscles may compress milk ducts and impact optimal milk flow. For this reason, if you believe you may breastfeed in the future, Dr. Fata will likely recommend you have your implants placed submuscularly. In addition, incisions made around the nipple can – in some cases – impact sensitivity. To reduce this risk, other implant incision options may be best if you plan on breastfeeding in the future.

Another concern some women have is that pregnancy and breastfeeding may damage their long-term breast augmentation results. Pregnancy causes a number of changes in the breasts, including an increase and later decrease in their size. Breastfeeding after pregnancy will prolong this period of breast enlargement, and a longer duration of breast enlargement may make it more difficult for the breast skin and tissue to shrink afterwards. However, recent research indicates that breastfeeding does not significantly contribute to breast sagging, although this will vary depending on the breast implant size, type and the individual elasticity of your breasts. Dr. Fata can discuss this with you in greater detail during your initial consultation.

Safety Concerns

Some women are concerned that silicone from breast implants may migrate to their babies. However, studies have shown that the traceable element of silicone is not significantly different between women with and without breast implants. Furthermore, the level of silicon in breast milk is far less than that found in cow's milk and approximately 100th of the level in commercial baby formulas.

At this time, there is no evidence that there are any ill effects on the babies of mothers with silicone breast implants who have breastfed.

Having concerns about the health and happiness of your future children is normal, but fears based on faulty information or unfounded claims should not stop you from achieving your aesthetic goals. For honest information about breast augmentation, its benefits and its risks, please call our board-certified Indianapolis plastic surgeon at 317-575-9152 to schedule your initial consultation today.