Bromelain and Arnica Montana for Cosmetic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Serving Indianapolis, Indiana


One of the areas of plastic surgery that don't get much attention are the advances made in the control of swelling and bruising after surgery. Arnica Montana is a plant extract found mostly in Europe. My first exposure to Arnica Montana gel was through a patient who used it on her own after liposuction. She applied it to herself and the difference between where she could and couldn't reach was pretty remarkable so I became a big fan. Bromelain is a pineapple extract. Both substances are in the homeopathic category of treatment so it's hard to find scientific guidelines on usage. We have patients take Bromelain and Arnica by mouth from 5 days before surgery and continue it 5 days after surgery. The Arnica gel is used post-op until the bruising has gone away. You will still get some bruising depending on the procedure, technique etc. but I have found that it is much less extensive and it goes away significantly quicker. These two simple addition have noticeably decreased the amount of bruising and swelling after cosmetic surgery. I have not seen any negative side effects to date.