Can Liposuction Improve my Health?

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Can lipo improve your health? It can certainly help. Call Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata at 317-575-9152 to learn more.Liposuction targets and removes stubborn fat deposits that may be obstructing movement, obscuring your natural curves, and interfering with your physical abilities. As such, liposuction can help improve your health – though full realization of this specific benefit will require some small effort on your part. During your liposuction consultation at our Indianapolis office, board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata would be happy to discuss this with you in greater detail to help you decide if liposuction is the best option for your health and beauty goals.

Liposuction is used to remove fat deposits that may not respond as well to diet and exercise. However, it is not designed to keep fat off or to help improve overall health. Diet and exercise are essential following your procedure to keep the fat from coming back and to optimize health. Of course, liposuction results are permanent, but new fat can accumulate when proper steps are not taken to prevent weight gain. Fortunately, those steps are not extreme and can easily be incorporated into nearly any lifestyle.

Healthy eating is important for preventing new fat accumulation. Focusing on fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and complex carbohydrates is enough for most people. Your particular dietary needs may be different however, and meeting with a nutritionist is often a good idea to learn exactly what your body needs. The same is true of exercise: three hours of moderate exercise weekly is enough for most, but meeting with a personal trainer will help ensure your routine addresses your body’s unique needs.

There is a lot to consider prior to undergoing liposuction. Maintaining results is certainly among them. Dr. Fata will take time to discuss all of these things, helping ensure you are fully prepared to reap the benefits offered by this body contouring procedure.

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