Can Stretch Marks be Erased?

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Stretch marks cannot be erased, but they can be reduced. In Indiana, call Dr. Joseph Fata at 317-575-9152 to learn moreStretch marks are a common result of pregnancy, but they may also occur with any type of weight gain and loss. Most common on the abdomen and hips, these marks can detract from an otherwise smooth and attractive appearance, making many women feel self-conscious and uncomfortable when they are exposed. Unfortunately, there is really not much that can be done to erase stretch marks, though tummy tuck surgery may offer some hope.

With tummy tuck surgery, board-certified Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata will carefully remove excess skin from the midsection to produce a tighter and more ideally toned appearance. In so doing, some of the skin impacted by stretch marks may be removed, allowing for a smoother look once skin is tightened around the treatment area. While this may not completely eliminate stretch marks, it can produce a more desirable appearance, making it a good solution for many women who wish to address this common aesthetic issue.

Tummy tuck surgery addresses many of the physical and cosmetic issues brought about by pregnancy. With this procedure, Dr. Fata can address diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles), belly button abnormalities, and excess fat and skin to produce a look that is slim and defined. If you are curious about the benefits of this procedure, Dr. Fata would be happy to meet with you for a one-on-one consultation to help you better understand what it can accomplish for you.

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