Does Liposuction Leave Extensive Scarring?

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One of the most common concerns among patients contemplating plastic surgery deals with scarring. While liposuction is far less invasive than many other procedures, it still requires an incision. As a result, scarring is inevitable. However, that does not mean your scar will be very large or very noticeable. The cannula used in your liposuction procedure is very small, containing a diameter of approximately 3-5 millimeters. As a result, the incision used for your procedure will be small, a quarter of an inch at most, reducing the size of your scar. Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata has nearly two decades of experience performing liposuction procedures. During this time, he has refined his technique to minimize your scar. He strategically chooses incision points that will minimize trauma to your skin and reduce the visibility of the resulting scar. It is important to remember that everyone’s body heals differently. However, in most cases you can expect that your scars will fade over time to the point where they are hardly visible. Dr. Fata will address any questions you may have about scarring at your initial consultation. Ultimately, it is important that you feel comfortable with the proposed treatment plan before moving forward with your liposuction procedure, and Dr. Fata will work to ease any concerns you may have about scarring at this time. Please contact Dr. Fata today to schedule your confidential consultation. Renaissance Plastic Surgery serves patients in Indianapolis, Indiana.