The Double Bubble After Breast Augmentation

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The "double bubble" is a term that often gets tossed around in breast augmentation circles, and it would not sound so frightening if it was better understood. In cases of mild breast sagging or a tight, constricted breast, it is often necessary to lower the breast fold as part of a breast augmentation. The end result is that the original breast fold then lies slightly above the lower edge of the implant and may act as a constricting band across the implant, creating the "double bubble". In most cases, it will go away on its' own as the band relaxes, but this may take several months. If it persists, it can be corrected by a minor surgical procedure to release the band.  Alternatively, the fold can be reset in its' original position. So if this happens to you in the early post-operative period, don't worry. It will either self-correct or it can be corrected by your plastic surgeon.