Exercise and Breast Implants

Plastic Surgeon Serving Indianapolis, Indiana


One of the most common questions I hear during a breast augmentation consultation is if breast implants will affect a woman’s ability to exercise. It is an important question because I, like most plastic surgeons, use a sub-muscular approach for breast implant placement. It also comes up because women today are exercising and taking care of their bodies more than ever before.

I have a set routine or protocol for patients after surgery, which makes the patient experience and outcome much more predictable. This predictability is especially important because breast augmentation is my most common surgical procedure. The two restrictions are: no excessive lifting (more that 25 lbs.) and no cardio type exercise for 2 weeks. Otherwise women can be as active as they want as long as they listen to their bodies. Most patients resume almost all of their daily activities within 24-48 hours.

Over time the chest muscles will be as strong as they were prior to surgery. Some patients in my practice have gone on to competitive bodybuilding. They had so much more confidence in their appearance that they wanted to improve it even more.

Regarding the long-term effects of breast, it should not have any effect on your ability to exercise. Weight lifting exercises using the chest wall muscles will take a little getting used to but will end up just as strong and if you work hard enough, maybe even stronger.