Exercising with Breast Implants

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Many women seek breast enhancement when their vigorous exercise routine has eliminated much of their body fat, including their breasts. Breast implants can give you a figure that would otherwise be impossible. If you are considering breast implants, you may worry that they will interfere with your normal exercise routine. Although you will have to take time off your routine for recovery, after recovery breast implants will not interfere at all with most types of exercise.

After breast augmentation surgery, you will be asked to refrain from any type of vigorous exercise for several weeks. This means no running, biking, or cardio of any kind. The concern is twofold. First, high impact sports like running obviously put stress on your breasts. But even low impact cardio stimulation can increase the flow to delicate blood vessels in the breast where healing is occurring. When this occurs, the blood vessels can rupture, causing blood to pool in the breast implant pocket or breast. This pooling, known as a hematoma, is a minor complication but can increase your risk of more serious complications later on.

This does not mean you have to be completely idle. There are many stretching exercises you can do to keep your muscles active and toned during your recovery period. We can help you design a recovery routine that will keep you as close to maximum fitness as possible during your recovery period. Toward the end, you will be able to gradually increase your exercise level and be back to your normal routine 2-3 months after surgery, depending on your personal recovery rate.

After breast augmentation you should be able to return to all your favorite exercises. For any high-impact sports, remember to wear a well-fitted and well-designed sports bra. A few sports lead to difficulties with breast implants. Swimmers, for example, may experience a slight slowing. Weight lifters may notice an odd feeling from submuscular implants. Tennis players sometimes complain that larger breasts affect their backhand game. Competitive boxing has banned contestants with breast implants.

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