Exposing Your Six Pack

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To learn how Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata can help expose your six pack muscles, call 317-575-9152and schedule a consultation todayEveryone has a six pack. For most however, this grouping of abdominal muscles is somewhat obscured by a layer of subcutaneous fat. This fat is often resistant to diet and exercise, particularly as you get older, and even active, athletic, and healthy individuals may never fully experience a completely chiseled midsection without some assistance.

What assistance is there to reveal this underlying group of abdominal muscles? Liposculpture. Similar to liposuction, liposculpture is used to remove topical fat deposits to reveal definition and tone underneath. However, unlike procedures in which larger amounts of fat are removed, liposculpture is used for finer detailing, making it ideal for the enhancement of six pack muscles.

Liposculpture is best for men and women who are more athletic and are committed to maintaining an active and healthy lifestyle. This procedure can help expose muscle definition, but cannot give definition itself. In order to maintain the results of your procedure, you will need to be committed to exercising regularly and eating a healthy and balanced diet. During your initial consultation with board-certified Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata, this can be discussed in greater detail to help you determine if liposculpture is ideal for your lifestyle. If not, other options, including traditional liposuction may be a more effective option for you.

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