Five Post-Op Tips From a Recent Breast Augmentation Patient

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Recently, one woman who underwent a breast augmentation procedure akin to those provided by Dr. Joseph Fata at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana, took to the Web to share her experience with fellow cosmetic and plastic surgery candidates.

Here is a collection of her post-op pearls of wisdom.

Post-Op Tip No. 1: Employ Realistic Expectations: Breast surgery patients tend to have a very specific idea about their expected outcome. But they also need to take into consideration their unique physiological and medical issues, and any other individual circumstances that Dr. Fata addresses during his initial consultation.

Post-Op Tip No. 2: Ready Your Home Before Surgery: Make sure your recovery bra and any freshly-sized undergarments for your new figure have already been purchased. Also, handle housework, groceries and laundry beforehand so that healing is your only concern after surgery.

Post-Op Tip No. 3: Freely Explore Your New Breasts: After implants, some women need time to become acclimated to their new figure. By all means, touch your new breasts. And when it’s comfortable, massage the breasts and chest area to help alleviate discomfort.

Post-Op Tip No. 4: Take a Walk: Just as soon as you’re up for it, and as often as the very next day after surgery, begin by taking slow walks and building up to more rigorous walks. The ensuing circulation will help calm swelling and induce healing. At the same time, if your body tells you to relax, then take it easy for a while.

Post-Op Tip No. 5: Own Your Privacy: If you feel like talking about your new figure with family and friends, go right ahead. But if you feel like keeping your new body to yourself, well that’s also your prerogative.

Most importantly, reach out to Dr. Fata if you have any questions whatsoever before or after breast surgery.

When you’re ready to explore breast augmentation, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery online or call our office directly at 317-575-9152 to schedule a consultation. Dr. Joseph Fata proudly serves patients in and around Indianapolis, Indiana.