Getting Rid of Lower Back Fat

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If you are looking to eliminate your stubborn back fat for good, call Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata at 317-575-9152 to learn about your optionsLower back fat can make your entire mid body look uneven and unattractive. It can also impact clothing options, reduce physical ability, and make you feel less confident and secure in your body. Unlike fat accumulations in the belly and hips, there are few exercises that target fat deposits in the lower back. Even those that exist may fail to fully correct the problem, leaving you with more pronounced unevenness than before.

If you struggle with removing stubborn fat deposits from your lower back, flanks, love handles, or belly, Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata can help. With advanced liposuction techniques such as ultrasonic and tumescent, Dr. Fata can eliminate unsightly fat deposits and give a trim and toned appearance to the entire middle portion of your body.

Does Liposuction Remove Loose Skin?

Loose skin in the lower back and waist is a significant concern for some patients and even the advanced liposuction options offered at our Indianapolis office cannot address it. In cases where larger amounts of sagging skin have combined with fat deposits to diminish mid-body definition, Dr. Fata often recommends tummy tuck surgery instead of liposuction. With tummy tuck, fat deposits are removed and skin is pulled taught over the natural underlying structures of the midsection. If this is a more effective option for your needs, Dr. Fata can provide greater detail during your body contouring consultation.

To schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Fata, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery online or by calling 317-575-9152 today. Our board-certified plastic surgeon serves men and women living in Indianapolis and all surrounding areas of Indiana.