Honesty and Plastic Surgery

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Your initial consultation is your opportunity to discuss your concerns and ask questions about the treatments that may help you reach your goals. It gives your plastic surgeon an opportunity to provide you with honest answers and useful information that can help you decide if a procedure is right for your needs.

During each consultation, plastic surgeons are presented with a choice: be honest and upfront with the patient or tell the patient what they want to hear. These are not always mutually exclusive. In fact, many times they are the same thing. It is, however, the ethical duty of the surgeon to choose honesty in every situation.

Why, then, would a surgeon choose to be dishonest?

While far from a satisfactory reason, some plastic surgeons may feel compelled towards dishonesty due to supply and demand. There are more plastic surgeons than demand for plastic surgery.

Every plastic surgeon is under pressure to be positive and optimistic. They want to convince you that they are the right person for your procedure. It takes a great deal of resolve and discipline to shift the focus of a consultation from “Yes! We can do that,” to talk about potential complications, realistic expectations, and the limitations of plastic surgery.

We Care About You

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we care about the health, safety, and ultimate happiness of each patient we see. Board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata is known for his honesty and professionalism.

Frank, thoughtful, and understanding, Dr. Fata believes that everyone deserves truthful responses to their questions and straightforward information about their options. This means discussing limitations, complications and risks, recovery time, and what you can realistically expect from your procedure.

We want you to be comfortable and happy at all times in our care. This drives our commitment to being open and honest at all stages of your transformation. This information may not always be what you want to hear, but it will be what you need to hear to make the best decisions for your body.

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