How Can I Learn About an Indiana Plastic Surgeon?

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You understand that finding the right doctor to perform your plastic surgery procedure is important, and you even know what to look for. But how can you go about discovering the important information you need?

There are a few methods you can use. And it's pretty much impossible to do too much research. You should:

  • Visit the plastic surgeon's website. You shouldn't worry too much about style or design, but look for a detailed listing of qualifications. An Indiana plastic surgeon who is board certified, as Dr. Joseph Fata is, will list that information prominently.
  • Read reviews (you can find a list of many prominent review sites at that link). You don't want to put too much weight into any individual review, but a large number of reviews will likely give you a good sense of the patient experience.
  • View photo galleries. Most plastic surgeons place before and after images of patients on their sites. These images are invaluable resources, as they provide you with visual evidence of the doctor's work.

We're confident that a thorough review of your options will lead you to Renaissance Plastic Surgery and Dr. Fata. We maintain a transparent office where we answer all of your questions with clarity and understanding.

If you're an Indiana resident looking for the plastic surgeon who's right for you, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today for a consultation.