How Does a Brow Lift Work?

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Heavy, weary-looking eyelids can seriously damage your ability to project the energy and vitality expected of participants in modern society. If you’re worried about this condition, a trip to a plastic surgeon in Indiana might be a good idea. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Dr. Joseph Fata will evaluate you to determine if you are a good candidate for a brow lift.

Though not one of the more well-known cosmetic procedures, a brow lift can prove tremendously helpful for certain patients. Dr. Fata can use the procedure to lift the skin and muscles of your forehead and eyebrows into an alert, youthful position.

Dr. Fata performs an endoscopic brow lift, which is a simple procedure. It generally goes like this:

  • Dr. Fata will apply a local anesthetic so that you feel no pain
  • He will then make a series of small, inconspicuous incisions in your scalp
  • We then insert a device known as an “endoscope;” it allows us to unobtrusively look inside you and adjust the skin and underlying muscles
  • Dr. Fata lifts the skin appropriately

A brow lift is often used in conjunction with other facial procedures, especially eyelid surgery.

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