How Long do Breast Implants Last?

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The Mayo Clinic reports that around 20% of women have their breast implants removed within 10 years, though implants are designed to last for up to 20.  Newer implants, such as the cohesive gel (gummy bear) implant, may last longer and it is entirely possible for even older models to last for a lifetime, but by and large, you can expect to have to replace breast implants every few decades.

Signs of Breast Implant Failure

Woman holding and gazing down at her breastsThere are several things that can impact the look and feel of breast implants. Those placed above the muscles in the chest may eventually become visible around the edges or give way to imperfections such as wrinkling or rippling. Implant shifting and migration are also possible, which may produce asymmetry or form the appearance of a bisected breast mound (double bubble).

Implant rupture is another reason to consider breast implant revision surgery. Ruptured saline breast implants drain quickly, resulting in deflation of the breast mound. Silicone breast implants leak slowly. Newer cohesive gel options don’t leak at all.

Women with silicone breast implants often require MRI scans every few years to determine if a rupture has happened, though there may be some symptoms that indicate silicone breast implant rupture. These include:

  • Changes in breast size, shape, or symmetry
  • Hard knots around the breasts
  • Numbness or a tickling sensation
  • Pain or a burning sensation
  • Breast swelling

If you have implants and have noticed any of these symptoms, it is a good idea to talk to a qualified plastic surgeon as soon as possible. Removal and replacement of implants can help restore comfort and appearance – with subsequent breast augmentation procedures allowing you to modify the size and shape of your breasts to better match your body as you age. During your implant revision consultation, Dr. Fata will listen to what you hope to accomplish, helping to ensure your results are consistent with your desires.

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