How Long Will My Tummy Tuck Recovery Take?

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If you want a tighter, firmer, smoother stomach, you might be considering a tummy tuck. Indianapolis-area patients can get a safe, effective abdominoplasty from Dr. Joseph Fata at Renaissance Plastic Surgery; we have decades of experience with plastic surgery and a proven track record of success.

If you’re like most of our patients, you’re a heavily engaged person with numerous commitments across Indianapolis, so it’s important you know what to expect from your tummy tuck recovery.

You’ll require a couple days of bed rest, though occasional walking trips will help increase blood flow and stimulate healing. Most patients are able to return to work in about two weeks after their tummy tuck, though if your job requires intense physical activity, such as rapid movement, heavy lifting or frequent bending, this process will take longer.

During these initial days, it’s important you not engage in any strenuous activity. If you have children, make arrangements to have someone else take care of them during your recovery.

You should refrain from intense physical activity, including most exercise aside from walking, for about six weeks.

Dr. Fata will answer any questions you might have about the procedure, including regarding recovery, before you undergo a tummy tuck.

If you’re an Indianapolis, Indiana resident considering a tummy tuck, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.