How Our Indiana Plastic Surgeon Can Help After Your Weight Loss

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Doctors frequently urge overweight patients to diet and exercise so they can lose some of that weight. The health benefits of being at your target weight are immense, and the cosmetic benefits are substantial as well. If you’ve put in the hard work necessary and lost a great deal of weight, you’re to be congratulated for the effort.

Still, losing weight can actually present certain cosmetic problems as your body adjusts to its new, smaller, healthier size. Fortunately, Indiana plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata has experience with plastic surgery after weight loss and can help you.

Even the most impressive weight loss can leave you with stubborn deposits of fat that don’t respond to diet or exercise. Liposuction can remove these deposits.

A tummy tuck can address the stretch marks and excess skin left over from a time before your weight loss.

And if you’re a woman who has witnessed significant breast sagging after losing weight, a breast lift might be appropriate.

Other procedures our Indiana plastic surgeon can offer if you’ve recently lost a great deal of weight include:

Our Indiana plastic surgeon will evaluate you to determine which procedure is right for you. Your safety and priorities are always foremost in our minds.

If you’ve recently lost a great deal of weight in Indiana and you want to speak to our plastic surgeon about your options, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.