What is Tumescent Liposuction?

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The word “tumescent” means swollen or to become swollen. Tumescent liposuction is a lipo technique that utilizes injections of lidocaine and epinephrine to cause tumescence of subcutaneous fat deposits, making them easier to remove.

Lidocaine is a local anesthetic. Its inclusion in tumescent lipo solution helps reduce the need for general anesthesia while greatly improving patient comfort. Epinephrine is a vasoconstrictor. Its inclusion in tumescent lipo solution helps temporarily shrink capillaries, reducing risks of excessive bleeding which may also help speed recovery and make results visible in a shorter period of time.

The tumescent technique was developed in 1985. It has since become one of the most popular and reliable liposuction techniques. Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata is pleased to offer tumescent liposuction as an option for our patients and would be happy to discuss its benefits and limitations with you in greater detail during your initial consultation.

What are the Advantages of Tumescent Liposuction?

Tumescent fluids eliminate the need for general anesthesia. This alone improves patient safety and can help reduce adverse postoperative reactions. Risks of surgical bleeding are greatly reduced by the addition of epinephrine to tumescent fluids, which in turn reduces the risk and severity of postoperative bruising.

In addition to reducing some surgical risks and improving postoperative comfort, the tumescent liposuction technique:

  • Allows for a complete removal of fat
  • Reduces risks of damage to muscle and tissue in the treatment area
  • Helps reduce recovery time

It is important to bear in mind that not all tumescent liposuction methods are equally safe. In fact, some of the older methods increase risks for toxic levels of lidocaine and epinephrine in the body. This is one of the main reasons Dr. Fata uses the “superwet technique” for all tumescent lipo procedures.

The superwet technique utilizes a smaller concentration of tumescent fluids, greatly reducing the risk of toxicity without compromising results. During your initial consultation at our Indianapolis plastic surgery office, Dr. Fata will be happy to answer any questions you have about tumescent liposuction, the superwet technique, and how the procedure may be able to help you reach your cosmetic goals.

Are There Risks with Tumescent Liposuction?

As with any surgical procedure, there are some risks associated with the tumescent lipo technique. While uncommon, risks involved in the tumescent liposuction procedure include:

  • Uneven results
  • Visible scarring
  • Organ or tissue damage
  • Infection
  • General surgical risks

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we take great strides to protect our patients from injury during liposuction. Dr. Fata is a board-certified plastic surgeon who is on medical staff at St. Vincent Hospital and the Carmel Ambulatory Surgery Center, where liposuction procedures can be performed with adequate support staff in a safe, comfortable, and sanitary environment. This helps reduce some of the risks associated with tumescent liposuction, but effort on your part will be necessary as well.

You can reduce your risk of complications during and after liposuction by following all of Dr. Fata’s pre and postoperative advice. This may include:

  • Quitting smoking
  • Temporarily ceasing the use of some medications and supplements
  • Giving yourself plenty of time to rest after surgery
  • Keeping incisions clean and dry
  • Only resuming activities as approved by Dr. Fata

Choosing a board-certified plastic surgeon to perform your liposuction procedure in an accredited surgical facility is important for your safety and comfort. Your actions before and after surgery are important for your ultimate satisfaction. All instructions will be provided to you during your time in our care. Dr. Fata and the staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery will remain available to you through your full recovery to provide support and answer questions as they arise.

Am I a Good Candidate for Tumescent Liposuction?

The best candidates for tumescent liposuction are men and women who are:

Carmel Tumescent Lipo Candidates

  • Within reach of their goal weight. The superwet technique allows for a 1:1 ratio of fluid injected to fat removed. It should not be considered a safe or effective method of weight loss.
  • Prepared for a surgical procedure. Tumescent liposuction is a surgical procedure and requires proper preparation. This may include quitting smoking up to six weeks in advance of surgery, stopping some medications, herbs and supplements, and following all other directions provided by our office.
  • Prepared for a recovery period. Recovery from tumescent lipo may be shorter than with other techniques, but it will still be necessary to rest and limit activities while your body recovers. Dr. Fata will help you determine when you can resume all activities during your follow-up visits to our Indianapolis office.

The best candidates for any body contouring procedure are men and women who understand that the surgical removal of fat is only as permanent as they make it. To maintain your results, you will need to be dedicated to leading a healthy lifestyle, complete with a well-balanced diet and sufficient daily and weekly exercise. During your time in our care, we will discuss these things in greater detail to help ensure you get the most out of your procedure.

How Much Does Tumescent Liposuction Cost?

The cost of liposuction can range from $3,400 to $6,700, depending on factors unique to your anatomy and specific procedure. The cost of your tumescent liposuction will be all-inclusive and cover follow-up visits with Dr. Fata in addition to surgical facility fees and all related costs.

Rooted in Indianapolis, Dr. Fata works with Key Bank in Indianapolis to provide financing for liposuction procedures. If you are concerned about the cost of tumescent liposuction, we can discuss all of your financing options during your initial consultation.

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