Is Your Plastic Surgery a Topic for Polite Conversation?

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While plastic surgery is far less taboo than it was in years past, many people are still very sensitive about plastic surgery procedures.

In 2014, rumors began to surface in the media claiming that Kylie Jenner had a nose job and lip injections. She was insulted by the rumors which she made clear through her Twitter feed when she said, “These plastic surgery rumors hurt my feelings to be honest and are kinda insulting.”

She went on to remind everyone that she was only 16.

Before having your procedure, decide how open you are comfortable being about it. Many people find it helpful to have at least one trusted person that is in the know.

Having a friend or family member to count on may help you to find strength during your recovery process. Plastic surgery is still surgery and it takes a toll on you.

If you are having a procedure which will be especially noticeable, like rhinoplasty, then giving anyone a heads up before seeing them may help to avoid some awkwardness.

San Francisco plastic surgery specialist Dr. Donald Brown suggests making a drastic change to another part of your looks, like a hairstyle makeover, to draw attention away from your surgery if you don't wish you talk about it.

Here are some pointers for addressing the subject when you encounter a friend who has recently had surgery:

  • While plastic surgery is more popular then ever, it is still rude to ask. Let them tell you about it.
  • Instead of asking about their surgery, simply say “wow, you look great!”
  • Ask about how they are feeling. They did just have surgery and showing your concern for their recovery can be uplifting.

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