One More Reason to Stay Close to Home for Plastic Surgery

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People often go to great lengths to save money, even traveling to other countries from Indianapolis and other major cities for less-expensive plastic surgery procedures.

But the right way to choose your plastic surgery provider is to find an experienced professional surgeon who is available for all of your follow-up care, and accountable for your post-surgical healing.

In Indiana, Dr. Joseph Fata has been providing excellent plastic surgery results and caring follow-up for his patients for more than two decades.

Plastic surgery abroad may sometimes be affordable but does not have the same  safeguards as treatments in Indianapolis, Indiana or anywhere nationwide.Women Abroad Take to the Streets

Looking for another reason to stay close to home for your cosmetic treatments? Consider this:

Chinese women who suffered botched plastic surgery procedures in Korea have been protesting in the streets of Seoul. They hope to bring attention to lax government oversight that allows for hospitals and intermediaries to leave women with devastating deformities. Adding insult to injury, there are reports that the protesters are also being harassed, with little recourse in the foreign country.

For the best possible plastic surgery results in Indiana or anywhere within the U.S., choose a doctor with ABPS Board Certification like Dr. Fata at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana. You can contact our practice online or call 317-575-9152 today to schedule a consultation.