Plastic Surgery After Significant Weight Loss

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Liposuction following weight loss in IndianapolisObesity poses both emotional and physical health problems. To address these, many men and women in the Indianapolis area look to bariatric surgery and other forms of rapid weight loss. While surgical weight loss procedures can offer remarkable results as far as body fat is concerned, they can also result in loose and sagging skin along with stubborn deposits of fat that, even after surgery, can continue to produce a heavy and uneven appearance.

Following significant weight loss, body contouring is often the most effective way to address loose skin and stubborn fat accumulations. If you have undergone bariatric surgery or if you are experiencing unsatisfactory results following any form of weight loss, call Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata at 317-575-9152 to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you achieve the full results your weight loss has started.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

One of the most common post-weight loss body contouring procedures offered at Renaissance Plastic Surgery is abdominoplasty. Also known as tummy tuck surgery, this procedure focuses on restoring shape and tone to the midsection and is incredibly useful for:

  • Reattaching abdominal muscles that have separated due to weight gain
  • Drawing in the waist to highlight underlying muscle
  • Eliminating loose and saggy skin around the belly and hips
  • Removing minor deposits of fat that may be obscuring the beautiful form beneath

Tummy tuck surgery is one of the most effective ways to fully sculpt and define the midsection of the body. With abdominoplasty, Dr. Fata is able to produce a slim and appealing look by eliminating bulk caused by unnecessary skin and excess fat deposits. In the process, a tummy tuck can also eliminate unbecoming stretch marks and other physical imperfections that may be preventing you from realizing the full benefits of your weight loss surgery.


Commonly performed on its own, following large amounts of weight loss liposuction is typically used in combination with other body contouring treatments. Stubborn fat deposits may not be fully responsive to weight loss efforts – even postoperative diet and exercise – necessitating their removal through surgical intervention.

Dr. Fata offers both tumescent and ultrasonic liposuction, enabling him to safely remove even the most tenacious fat accumulations. These advanced liposuction techniques will also help reduce trauma to the surgical area, helping decrease risks and recovery time without compromising results.

Liposuction on its own will likely not be enough to address loose and sagging skin, but in combination with options like tummy tuck, it is an incredibly effective way to produce a healthy and attractive physique.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction is often beneficial following weight loss. Female breast reduction addresses the aesthetic and physical problems that can accompany overly large breasts such as:

  • Neck and back pain
  • Painful depressions in shoulders caused by bra straps
  • Clothing limitations
  • Physical restrictions brought about by too much breast tissue

Women with naturally large breasts may find excessive tissue growth in the chest accompanies weight gain but does not respond to weight loss. When your breasts are too large for your frame, Dr. Fata can easily add breast reduction to your post-weight loss body contouring treatment to help ensure a consistent and symmetrical appearance.

Thigh and Arm Lift

Lift procedures on limbs, such as legs and arms, are often needed following weight loss. With a thigh lift, Dr. Fata can remove excess skin from the upper leg, restoring ideal contours and eliminating the discomfort of skin rubbing on skin while walking or exercising.

An arm lift will address loose and saggy skin at the triceps. This skin is some of the most difficult to address through diet and exercise and may become accentuated following weight loss.

Lift procedures may be combined into a complete body lift. If this option is best for your needs, Dr. Fata will cover it in more detail during your initial consultation.

Facial Plastic Surgery

It is not uncommon for loose skin and stubborn fat to be present in the lower face and neck following weight loss. These issues often respond best to a full facelift, which addresses the lower face, the jawline, the chin, and the neck.

With facial plastic surgery, Dr. Fata can address loose skin while also producing a look that is firmer, more youthful, and more appealing in general. If facial plastic surgery will make sense in your case, Dr. Fata will happily discuss options in greater detail during your time in our care.

Paying for Post-Weight Loss Body Contouring

We accept cash and most major credit cards at Renaissance Plastic Surgery. If these options are not suitable for you, we can discuss financing options during your initial consultation

As an independent and board-certified plastic surgeon working in Indianapolis, Dr. Fata has chosen to work with Key Bank in Indianapolis for plastic surgery financing. Additional information on our partnership and your options can be provided if financing seems to make the most sense to you.

Why Choose Renaissance Plastic Surgery?

Dr. Joseph Fata is a board-certified plastic surgeon who has been serving the Indianapolis community for over 25 years. Highly respected in his field, Dr. Fata is committed to providing exceptional service, completely personalized to address the concerns of individual patients. Please take a moment to view Dr. Fata’s reviews on Facebook, Health Grades, Google, and Angie’s List to learn more about the patient experience.

All of the procedures performed by Dr. Fata are completed in accredited surgical facilities where your comfort and safety are top priorities. We would be happy to discuss our surgical facilities and Dr. Fata’s hospital permissions during your initial consultation to help you better understand how Renaissance Plastic Surgery works, from the moment you contact us through your complete recovery, to provide you with the most rewarding experience.

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