Plastic Surgery Choice is a Personal One, Writer Argues

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At Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana, Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata and his staff are aware that you don’t have to look far to find critical news headlines about plastic surgery.

In light to the heavy-handed criticism that particularly women in the public eye have withstood recently in response to arguably dramatic physical transformations, we applaud Elle magazine Beauty, Health & Fitness Contributor Elissa Strauss for her recent essay in defense of individual choice to undergo cosmetic enhancements.

Writing candidly about her own decision to have a breast reduction, Strauss calls out anyone who rushes to judgement simply because they learn about another person’s plastic surgery.

“The truth is, [my breast reduction] was for aesthetic reasons,” Strauss writes. “I didn't like the proportions my body took on when accompanied by my very large 34Ds…”

Each patient has her or his own reasons for undergoing such treatments, Strauss contends. And studies show that most plastic surgery patients make a measured, informed choice.

One study found that only 12 percent of plastic surgery recipients have unrealistic expectations,” Strauss writes. “The majority who have gone under the knife did not expect that a little nip or tuck would solve all their problems or make them a new person.”

The writer holds up actress Lisa Kudrow as an example of a high-profile woman who talked publicly about how nose surgery improved her self-confidence and ultimately her life.

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