Plastic Surgery Patients are Skewing Younger

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We spend a lot of time at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana treating patients who want to turn back the clock.New research indicates that more people under 30 are opting for plastic surgery procedures like those offered at our practice in Indianapolis, Indiana. This pre-surgery photo of Kyle Jenner is a screen shot taken by Mark Zapanta and posted to Wikipedia.

There's no disputing the power of cosmetic or plastic surgery to boost one's anti-aging regimen. But fresh research indicates that more people under age 30 are now opting for plastic surgery.

These new statistics from The American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery indicate that 64 percent of the plastic surgeons interviewed have seen an increase in Millennial or Generation Y patients — people born since the early- to mid-1980s.

What exactly are young adults interested in achieving through plastic surgery?

The following procedures are mentioned as being especially popular among today's Millennials:

Many of the plastic surgeons treating younger adults report that the rise of the "selfie" culture, along with well-publicized celebrity plastic surgery procedures, are driving Millennials to seek out their own surgeon.

"Social media has made changes in people's looks, in their approach... (and) their discussion of plastic surgery," one doc told The New York Daily News about the phenomenon. "Millennials are attuned to social media.”

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