Should I Get a Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation?

Plastic Surgeon Serving Indianapolis, Indiana


One of the most important tasks for an Indiana plastic surgeon is to make sure his patients get the right procedure. The best surgery in the world, performed with all the skill imaginable, won’t help you if it’s not right for you. Deciding between a breast lift and a breast augmentation is one of the more common choices patients face when talking with their plastic surgeon. Both are commonly performed procedures with excellent safety records, and both will give you fuller, more attractive breasts. But the procedures address different concerns. A breast augmentation is ideal if you:

  • Want larger breasts
  • Are dissatisfied with the shape of your breasts
  • Have asymmetric breasts

By contrast, our plastic surgeon will usually recommend a breast lift if you:

  • Have fairly severe breast sagging
  • Are basically satisfied with the size of your breasts
  • Recently lost a great deal of weight or went through pregnancy and lost breast tissue as a result

Plastic surgeon Joseph Fata will never perform any procedure that isn’t right for you. You can trust in his skill, experience and respect for patients. If you want an idea of the results of both breast lifts and breast augmentations, you can view our breast lift photo gallery and breast augmentation photo gallery. If you’re an Indiana resident and you need a skilled plastic surgeon, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.