Should I Use My Spring Break for Plastic Surgery?

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Most major plastic surgery procedures performed in Indianapolis and nationwide require a week or more of rest before you can resume your regular activities.Spring Break may seem like kids stuff. But many working adults and college students in and around Indianapolis, Indiana also take a week off during the spring season, which may beg the question for some as to whether it's an ideal time for a cosmetic or plastic surgery treatment.

While each patient at Renaissance Plastic Surgery is unique, and you should always discuss your aesthetic goals with our Board Certified Indiana Plastic Surgeon before firming up plans, the general answer is: Yes!

Spring Break is often a great time to address your plastic surgery plans.

Why Consider Spring Break for an Aesthetic Boost?

Most major plastic surgery procedures require a week or more of rest before you can resume your regular activities. With Spring Break is already on the books, you often can minimize lost work or productivity while you heal.

Spring Break offers another great advantage for those who don’t wish to share their plastic surgery with co-workers or fellow students. When you schedule a procedure over Spring Break, you are afforded the discretion to decide exactly who knows about your plans.

Here are some of the popular plastic surgery procedures that can be performed during Spring Break or another upcoming vacation:

  • Breast Augmentation
  • Liposuction
  • Tummy Tuck
  • Facial Plastic Surgery

Non-surgical skin rejuvenation treatments are another popular Spring Break option.

To find out about planning your Spring Break plastic surgery procedure, please contact the staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana to schedule a consultation by calling 317-575-9152.