Three Signs of a Plastic Surgery Addiction

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An Indianapolis woman prepares for plastic surgeryA recent essay by Modern Family star Reid Ewing brings to light a troubling scenario. Ewing writes in the Huffington Post about his experiences struggling with Body Dismorphic Disorder (BDD), and the multiple surgeries he sought when he first arrived in Hollywood.

Hollywood actors aren’t the only ones who face this dilemma. Patients with BDD in Indianapolis and across the country can also develop plastic surgery addictions.

Recognizing the Signs

Many of us have features we would change if we could. For those with BDD, these minor variances can become an obsession. Normal features may seem abnormal or wrong. People who suffer from BDD may struggle to connect with others—affecting their social life and even their jobs. Some of the signs of BDD include:

  1. Seeking multiple plastic surgery procedures in rapid succession, often from different plastic surgeons or surgeons without proper credentials
  2. Unrealistic expectations about plastic surgery, or dissatisfaction with surgical outcomes and a desire for multiple revisions
  3. Following surgery, suddenly shift the obsession to another feature that needs to be “fixed”

BDD is a mental illness that cannot be treated with plastic surgery. When BDD is suspected, the surgeon will refer the patient to a consulting mental health professional before agreeing to perform the procedure.

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