What are the Advantages of Facial Fat Injections?

Plastic Surgeon Serving Indianapolis, Indiana


Many people are familiar with well-known facial injectables such as BOTOX® and dermal fillers. And these are indeed great ways of addressing the signs of age and wear on your face. However, Indiana plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata also offers facial fat injections, which use your body’s own natural fat deposits to reverse early signs of aging.

The procedural technique is quite simple. Our Indiana plastic surgeon will remove some excess fat from another area of your body (usually the abdomen or buttocks) and then inject it into an area of your face that appears aged or “sunken.”

The advantages to this procedure over BOTOX® or dermal fillers include:

  • Using your body’s own, natural materials
  • No chance of allergic reactions
  • Our Indiana plastic surgeon can use much greater volumes than with BOTOX®
  • The procedure’s results may last for years

Dr. Fata will evaluate you to determine if a facial fat injection is appropriate for your specific needs.

If you want to speak to an Indiana plastic surgeon about facial fat injections and other options, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.