What Are ‘Temporary’ Breast Implants?

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A New York City plastic surgeon is developing a new way for women to see and feel the effects of breast augmentation before undergoing surgery. Dubbed “vacation breasts,” these temporary breast implants would last up to three weeks.

The temporary enhancement to the size of the breasts is achieved through injections of a saline solution into breast tissue. Dr. Norman Rowe, the creator of “vacation breasts,” claims the solution can enhance the breasts by up to one and a half cup sizes for nearly a month.

Although women considering breast implants might find the option to try a bigger size before the procedure attractive, this procedure is still in its initial stages. ABC News notes that there are also health risks, including infection and damage to blood vessels in the breast.

Dr. Fata helps female patients determine whether or not breast implants are right for them with a one-on-one consultation. When you visit our Indianapolis office, this initial meeting will be dedicated to:

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Should you decide to get breast implants, Dr. Fata will continue to provide personalized guidance at every step. He uses only proven techniques designed to help women achieve improvements to their body and self-esteem safely.

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