What is an Arm Lift?

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Plastic surgery can help people in the Indianapolis area who are suffering from embarrassing or unsightly cosmetic concerns. One of the more prominent complaints we hear from our patients, women especially, is about flabby, excess skin on the arms. Fortunately, we can address this concern with an arm lift.

It can be difficult to hide these issues, and plastic surgery is often the only option for Indianapolis-area patients. At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, we’re committed to helping you feel comfortable with, and confident in, your body.

The arm lift is a relatively simple procedure in which an incision will be made on the inside or back of your arm. We remove any excess fat through liposuction, tighten and re-shape underlying muscles and tissue and smooth the remaining skin over your arm.

Dr. Joseph Fata will answer all of your questions and explain what you can expect after your arm lift. Most patients have to wear a compression garment on the treatment area for a few weeks after the procedure.

If you want to see an example of the results from a previous arm lift, you can view our photo gallery here.  

If you’re a resident of the Indianapolis, Indiana area and you have questions about plastic surgery, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today.