What is the Best Age for Breast Augmentation?

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The decision regarding when to get breast augmentation is highly personal. There is no ideal age to undergo the procedure. Instead, you must evaluate a variety of personal factors when determining if this is the right time to move forward with your procedure. These factors include your:

  • Lifestyle
  • Health
  • Financial situation
  • Future life plans

The FDA has placed certain minimum age requirements on your ability to undergo breast augmentation. Saline breast implants are approved for women ages 18 and older, while silicone breast implants are approved for women ages 22 and older. Dr. Joseph Fata recommends that you wait until you have completed your breast development, which is complete for most women by their late teens. He also recommends that you wait until you are old enough to fully understand the risks, as well as the benefits, of breast augmentation. According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), the vast majority of women choose to undergo breast augmentation in their 20s or 30s. Approximately 65% of all breast augmentation procedures are performed on women falling in this age range. However, it is quite common for women in their 40s, 50s, and 60s to undergo breast augmentation as well. You should always evaluate your life goals when determining if this is the right time for breast augmentation. If you are planning on having children down the road, you should be aware that pregnancy and breastfeeding may change the size and shape of your breasts, and an additional procedure may be necessary to maintain your result. Also, it is important to look at your financial situation. It makes sense to wait until you can afford the procedure to avoid an additional financial stress. If cost is an issue for you, talk to Dr. Fata about the financing options offered at Renaissance Plastic Surgery. It is also important to remember that your breast implants will not last forever. However, there is no set schedule for replacement of implants. As long as you are happy with your appearance and have not had either a leak or tightening of the scar tissue capsule, you can keep them indefinitely. It is always a good idea to consider the potential for revision procedures down the road when deciding if you are ready to undergo breast augmentation. Dr. Fata will discuss all of these considerations with you in great detail at your initial consultation to ensure that you make a fully informed decision about the ideal time for you to get breast augmentation. Please contact Dr. Fata today to schedule your confidential consultation. Renaissance Plastic Surgery serves patients in Indianapolis, Indiana.