What is Gigantomastia?

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Gigantomastia is one of two types of breast hypertrophy – a rare medical condition in which breast tissue grows too rapidly, resulting in excessively large breasts. Often impacting one breast more than the other, gigantomastia typically results in asymmetry, although uneven breast size is far from the largest problem posed by this condition. Women suffering from gigantomastia may struggle with extremely heavy breasts that cause severe and even debilitating pain. Many women with the condition also experience itchy lesions, peeling skin, and other serious discomforts.

The causes of gigantomastia is not known. There is some evidence that the condition is a result of excessive hormone or growth factor production. Gigantomastia may also be caused by certain medications, including ciclosporin. However, the underlying cause of many cases is never determined.

Gigantomastia is a rare medical condition in which breast tissue grows too rapidly. To learn about treatment options in Indianapolis, call Dr. Joseph Fata at 317-575-9152 todayTreating Gigantomastia

Extreme volume breast reduction in combination with breast reconstruction has shown some promise in the treatment of gigantomastia and macromastia, both forms of breast hypertrophy. With slight modification of standard breast reduction techniques, it may be possible to greatly reduce breast volume without compromising projection or contour. Optimal results will require working with a skilled and experienced breast surgeon who is able to customize the procedure to address the unique impact gigantomastia has one individual women.

Dr. Joseph Fata is a board-certified plastic surgeon with 25 years of experience. Compassionate and dedicated, Dr. Fata takes time to customize each procedure, enabling him to meet the unique physical demands and personal desires of each individual patient. While there is no guarantee that breast reduction surgery will be suitable for every case of gigantomastia, it can be useful for some. Dr. Fata welcomes an opportunity to meet with you, discuss your condition, and help you determine if breast reduction is the right fit for your body.

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