What Should You Eat After Breast Surgery?

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You should always pose your questions to our Board Certified Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon, but here are two general tips about foods that promote healing.The experienced, compassionate staff at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana know that even seemingly simple tasks like cooking a meal may take more planning and preparation during the days that you're healing from a breast augmentation or another plastic surgery procedure.

While it's always advisable to bring up all of your pre- and post-op questions with Dr. Joseph Fata, our Board Certified Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon, here are two general tips regarding the kinds of foods that can promote healing after surgery.

  • High-Protein. Meat, poultry, fish, legumes, dairy products and some nuts provide your body with valuable fuel to repair and strengthen muscles impacted by surgery.
  • Vitamins and Minerals. In addition to eating plenty of fruits and vegetables, speak with the doctor about whether or not you may need to supplement these nutrients. In particular, vitamin E, which is abundant in some nuts and also plant oils, can speed and enhance the body's natural healing capacity.

Just remember, when you do have questions about your breast augmentation or cosmetic surgery procedure, our doctor and staff will make it a priority to provide you with thorough answers to those questions.

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