When is a Weekend Facelift Appropriate?

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Patients who are curious about their facelift options are often intrigued upon hearing of the weekend facelift. While there are some misconceptions about the weekend facelift, it is true that Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata can use a “Ribbon Lift” to achieve a noticeable, youthful-looking change in your facial appearance.

The full facelift is a rather extensive surgical procedure, and it’s generally right for patients with significant signs of wear and aging. By contrast, our Indianapolis plastic surgeon often recommends weekend facelifts for patients who are just beginning to experience some jowl-sagging.

The ribbon lift is the more precise term for a weekend facelift. During this procedure, our Indianapolis plastic surgeon will create a small pocket under your chin, then insert an actual bio-absorbable ribbon into the pocket. The ribbon has tiny “fingers” that grasp your underlying tissue and lift it.

Even after the ribbon dissolves, you will continue to see your new, rejuvenated appearance as a result of your body’s natural support structures. A ribbon lift can be expected to last between two and five years.

Dr. Fata will answer all of your facelift questions and use his decades of experience to determine if you are a viable candidate for a weekend facelift.

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