Who is a Candidate for Labiaplasty?

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Women in Indiana who suffer from excessive tissue in the folds of skin surrounding the vagina may feel self-conscious, but it’s often much more than just a cosmetic issue.

Excess skin can also cause women significant discomfort, and even pain, when they are physically active, including during sex. But a cosmetic procedure called labiaplasty can reduce the size of the labia and help you feel more confident and comfortable. To learn if labiaplasty is right for you, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today at 317-575-9152 to schedule your Indiana labiaplasty consultation.

Dr. Fata is one of the most experienced labiaplasty cosmetic surgeons in Indiana, and he understands that even arranging a consultation requires the utmost sensitivity. Please be assured that he treats every patient with complete confidentiality and the highest standard of care.

Good candidates for labiaplasty

  • Have an excess amount of skin on the labia minora.
  • Sometimes, but not always, experience physical discomfort during physical activity.
  • May experience discomfort when wearing certain types of clothing.
  • Are in generally good health and do not smoke
  • Can afford to take three or four days off work and abstain from certain physical activities, like bike riding and sex, for a further six weeks.

While labiaplasty is usually considered a purely cosmetic treatment, some women do qualify for insurance coverage, especially if the labiaplasty addresses wounds incurred in childbirth, such as labial tearing. If your insurance does not cover labiaplasty, we are pleased to offer several attractive cosmetic surgery financing options.

If excess tissue in the labia is causing you pain and discomfort, know that help is available. To schedule your Indiana labiaplasty appointment, please contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery today at  317-575-9152.