Would Plastic Surgery Make a Good Graduation Gift?

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Indianapolis Plastic SurgeryChoosing a thoughtful gift that the recipient will enjoy can be a daunting task. This can be especially true for graduates who can be very trendy.

Giving plastic surgery as a gift has been on the rise in recent years.

Before giving plastic surgery as a gift, you should consider these possible drawbacks:

  • Hurt feelings – plastic surgery is a particularly poor choice as a surprise gift because of this reason. While someone may have made a notion about wanting plastic surgery, they may have simply been looking for positive feedback. Studies show that half of recipients would be offended.
  • The surgeon's discretion – every surgeon has the right to turn away a patient. Not everyone is a good candidate for plastic surgery, which makes spending thousands on gift cards risky.
  • Applying unwanted pressure – having plastic surgery is a personal choice and giving it as a gift could pressure someone into changing themselves in a way that they did not want.

While there are possible drawbacks to consider, there's certainly reasons why more people are choosing to give plastic surgery as a gift. Here are a couple of those reasons:

  • The cost – eliminating or reducing the financial burden of plastic surgery can allow someone to improve themselves in a way they always wanted.
  • The freedom of gift cards – gift cards are being given as gifts more frequently. Every year their sales increase 10-15%. If you have a loved one that is interested in plastic surgery, this could be a good option.

Helping to receive the change they have always wanted is a great gift, but so is lending yourself to them throughout the process.

Here's a couple ways you can help the graduate who chooses plastic surgery with your time:

  • Help in the researching process – aiding as a research assistant can help choose the correct surgeon and procedure.
  • Being a companion during visits – it is comforting to have someone that goes to the visits with you. They may also want someone to help them prepare for plastic surgery. Also, you can put your new researching knowledge to work asking the surgeon questions.
  • Help care for them during recovery – after all  plastic surgery is still surgery and every patient needs some assistance to get through their recovery.

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