Options Were Never Better for Fans of Fillers

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At Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana, we are excited about the latest technologies that are providing better results for our patients.Your options were never better for dermal fillers from Board Certified Indianapolis Plastic Surgeon Dr. Fata.

One area where breakthrough improvements are being made is in injectable fillers. Our experienced board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Fata, MD, is watching these developments carefully and is looking forward to providing even better results with improved technology.

Juvéderm Ultra XC

On October 1, the FDA approved a new Juvéderm® product that can last up to a year. This treatment option is a serious improvement over previous fillers that provided results for two to six months. With fillers like Juvéderm Ultra XC, patients can expect fewer visits to the doctor to maintain their appearance.

During clinical trials for the new product, Juvéderm Ultra XC, 78 percent of users reported overall satisfaction with the appearance of their lips after a year. Juvéderm Ultra XC is now FDA approved for patients 21 and over.

In addition to Juvéderm products, we also offer Restylane® and Radiesse® to customize our approach for your particular needs.

To find out more about any of the injectable filler options available at our Indianapolis office, contact Renaissance Plastic Surgery online or call 317-575-9152 to schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Fata, our board-certified plastic surgeon.