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If you are considering body contouring surgery, call Indianapolis board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata to learn about the newest procedures to restore your shape: 317-575-9152. Dr. Fata will discuss the full range of available techniques to improve your shape during your consultation at his Indianapolis, Indiana office.

The term body contouring surgery is used to describe a group of procedures designed to improve your shape. They include:

Body Contouring Techniques

Body Surgery Procedures in IndianapolisEach body contouring procedure addresses a specific area of the body, and is designed to remove excess skin, fat and to recontour an area of the body into a more pleasing shape. These procedures can help you if you have lost your shape because of pregnancy, moderate weight gain, weight loss, or the natural aging process. They are not a substitute for weight loss, but they are often helpful as a “jump start” for those who are trying to lose weight.


Liposuction is the most popular body contouring procedure. It is unique in that liposuction removes fat and fat cells but does not remove skin. After liposuction, the skin will gradually tighten and you will continue to see improvement in your shape. Liposuction can successfully improve your shape if you have a moderate amount of excess fat with good elasticity of your skin. If loose skin is one of your main problems, you may need a body contouring procedure that involves skin removal. Dr. Fata will help determine which procedure is right for you during your consultation at Renaissance Plastic Surgery in Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tummy Tuck

A tummy tuck is the second most popular body contouring procedure after liposuction. In a tummy tuck, excess abdominal skin is removed and the abdominal muscles, which may be stretched after pregnancy or weight gain, are tightened.

Another popular body contouring procedure is a breast lift. Dr. Fata will recommend either the “vertical breast lift" or the "doughnut breast lift" depending on the amount of sagging and breast tissue you have. Both techniques produce a more natural breast shape and shorter scar than other techniques. If you have lost breast volume, a combined breast lift/breast augmentation may be needed to give you the best shape.

The techniques used for the tummy tuck are also used for the thigh lift and the arm lift.

Thigh Lift

In a thigh lift, excess skin of the inner thigh is removed. If a small amount of skin is to be removed, the thigh lift can be designed to place the scar near the groin crease. If the amount of excess skin is too great to use this approach, it may be necessary to extend the scar as a vertical line along the inner thigh.

Indianapolis Thigh Lift Surgery

Arm Lift

In an arm lift, or brachioplasty, loose, hanging arm skin is removed. If there is a small amount of excess skin, the scar can be placed in a fold in the armpit. If there is too much excess skin, the scar is placed along the inner arm in a groove between the biceps and triceps muscles.

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