Breast Implant Placement

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Dr. Fata believes that everyone woman should have a thorough understanding of the advantages of breast implant placement under the muscle before she makes any decisions regarding augmentation surgery.

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Breast Implants Under the Muscle

Dr. Fata uses the sub-muscular (under the muscle) approach for breast implant placement in the majority of his breast augmentation patients. This approach has several advantages in breast augmentation:

  • When the breast implant is placed under or behind the chest wall (pectoralis major) muscle, it gives added fullness to the upper breast. This extra fullness is especially important if you have been breast-feeding because you probable lost most of your breast volume in the upper breast.
  • Added support that the muscle provides for the lower breast. This added support helps prevent sagging of the breast implants over time.
  • Harder to feel the breast implant.
  • One of the risks of breast augmentation, tightening of the scar capsule around the breast implant (capsular contracture), is believed to be less common when the breast implant is placed under the muscle.
  • Easier to do a mammogram. Having a layer of muscle between the breast tissue and the breast implant makes it easier to separate the breast from the breast implant and obtain a clear view of the breast.

Breast Implants Dual Plane Approach

A modification of placing the breast implant under the muscle in breast augmentation is the dual plane approach. In the dual plane approach, the breast implant is partially covered by muscle and partially covered by breast tissue. As a result, the breast implant is situated in two planes of tissue.

The dual plane approach provides more lift effect to the lower breast and so it is a good option for women with small amounts of sagging. It does not give as much support for the lower breast as the sub-muscular approach.

Breast Implants Above the Muscle

Some plastic surgeons in Indianapolis still place the breast implant above the muscle (sub-glandular approach), and the appearance is often comparable to the sub-muscular approach, at least in the beginning. However, over time some women will have more sagging of the breast implant because there is not as much support for the implant. Also, breast augmentation using the sub-glandular approach has been shown in clinical studies to have a higher risk of capsular contracture.

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