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Breast reduction surgery addresses excess breast tissue that may be causing both physical and emotional discomfort. With this procedure, board-certified Indianapolis plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata can reduce the size and weight of your breasts while also producing a more symmetrical and balanced appearance. This, in turn, can have a profound impact on your physical abilities and emotional comfort, improving range of motion, relieving back and neck pain, and restoring a better contoured appearance to your entire upper body.

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The Vertical Breast Reduction Technique

Dr. Fata was one of the first plastic surgeons in Indianapolis to offer the “vertical breast reduction" technique. With this advanced technique, skin and breast tissue are removed from the central lower part of the breast, but the nipple and tissue of the upper breast are preserved. Compared to the traditional “anchor scar” design, the vertical breast reduction technique creates a much shorter scar and results in a better breast shape because the natural contours of your breast are preserved. This technique also helps eliminate the risk of “bottoming out” or sagging following breast reduction, making it ideal for most of our patients.

Breast Reduction Candidates

Many women with overly large breasts experience back, neck, shoulder, and breast pain because of the weight of their breasts. Other women cannot exercise or participate in sports, and some women are self-conscious about the unwanted attention brought by large breasts.

Breast reduction surgery is a reliable way to reduce the size and weight of your breasts and relieve your pain. If you struggle with discomfort from excessively large breasts, you may be the ideal breast reduction candidate.

In addition to having large and heavy breasts, to be a good candidate for breast reduction you will need to be:

  • A nonsmoker or willing to quit
  • In generally good physical health
  • Aware of all potential risks
  • Able to follow pre and postoperative instructions
  • Realistic about outcomes

Breast reduction can be used to improve symmetry, eliminate pain, and improve physical ability, but even with the short-scar technique, it will leave a scar and may be noticeable when viewed directly. Dr. Fata will listen to your desires and provide you with honest information about what you can expect from this procedure during your initial consultation.

>Benefits of Breast Reduction Surgery Infographic

Breast Reduction Recovery

Dr. Fata performs breast reduction surgery at the Carmel Surgery Center in Carmel, Indiana as either an outpatient or with a 23-hour overnight stay. The only restrictions are no strenuous exercise or heavy lifting for the first two weeks after your breast reduction surgery, and you will wear a sports bra for four weeks. You will need a few days off from work, but not more than a week.

You will return to Dr. Fata’s Indianapolis, Indiana office within the first two weeks of your breast reduction surgery for periodic check-ups. Your follow-up care will never be delegated to an assistant and it will be covered in the final cost of your procedure.

Breast Reduction Costs

Your medical insurance may cover breast reduction if it is for physical comfort. However, individual insurance plans vary and some require a recommendation from your primary care physician and a trial of "conservative" treatment, such as physical therapy, before they approve breast reduction. If your insurance company will not cover your breast reduction, it can be performed as a cosmetic plastic surgery procedure.

Dr. Fata's surgical fee is $5000-5500, depending on the amount of reduction and length of the procedure. This fee includes all of the follow-up office visits after your procedure. The cost for the surgery center, including the anesthesiologist's fee, ranges from $2600-2800 depending on the time, bringing the total cost of breast reduction to $7,600 to $8,300 depending. If you would like information about financing breast reduction, we can provide you with forms during your initial consultation.

To assist you as you gather information on the procedure of breast reduction, Dr. Fata has compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions based on his extensive experience with patients who have had breast reduction.

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