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At Renaissance plastic surgery, we are proud to offer a wide variety of breast surgery options, enabling our board-certified plastic surgeon to meet the varied needs of each patient he sees. If you have been considering breast augmentation, lift, or reduction, we encourage you to call our Indianapolis office to schedule a consultation and learn how Dr. Fata can help you reach your goals.

To schedule your initial consultation at Renaissance Plastic Surgery, please call 317-575-9152 today. Located at the junction of northern Indianapolis and Carmel, our central location allows Dr. Fata to treat patients throughout Indiana and the Midwest.

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Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation utilizes breast implants to enhance the size, shape, and profile of your chest. With this procedure, Dr. Fata uses implants to improve breast projection and create ideal symmetry while addressing issues such as lack of cleavage or breasts that are too small for the frame.

Utilizing advanced techniques, most of our breast augmentation patients are able to resume normal activities within 24 hours. This rapid breast augmentation recovery improves comfort and convenience, and may help ensure ideal outcomes.

Dr. Fata also offers breast augmentation revision surgery to remove failed implants or to create more ideally contoured results. If you are dissatisfied with your breast augmentation results from another surgeon, call us for a consultation to see how Dr. Fata can help.  

Breast Lift

Breast lift surgery is used to remove loose and sagging skin from the breasts while gently lifting underlying tissue. Dr. Fata offers a number of breast lift incision options, enabling him to address even the most pronounced ptosis (sagging) and produce a firm, attractive, and youthful appearance.

In some cases, factors that cause breasts to sag may also cause a loss of volume or symmetry. In these cases, Dr. Fata will recommend a breast lift with implants. This procedure combines the enhancement of the bust through breast augmentation with the creation of perkier, firmer, and ideally positioned breasts through a lift procedure. If you are a good candidate for this combination, Dr. Fata will discuss the option in greater detail during your initial consultation.

Breast Reduction

Breast reduction surgery addresses overly large, heavy, and pendulous breasts. Heavy breasts limit physical abilities, diminish clothing options, create strain on the neck, shoulders, and back, and can force bras traps to dig deep into shoulders, creating sore and painful indentations. Breast reduction surgery removes excess skin and tissue from the breasts to produce a look that is more appealing, more comfortable, and more conducive to leading an active lifestyle.

Because excessively large breasts may produce medical complications, some insurance plans will pay for breast reduction surgery. The best way to learn if your plan will cover the cost is by contacting your provider. Dr. Fata can talk to you about this along with other financing options during your initial consultation.

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During your initial consultation, Dr. Fata will do a complete evaluation and assessment of your situation. He will then explain to you what options are available and may make a suggestions as to what he feels would work best for your individual needs.

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