Fat Injections - FAQ

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How much fat is necessary?

The amount of fat needed for fat injections in the face is relatively small, so the area where the fat has been taken does not noticeably shrink. However, if fat reduction is also one of your goals, it is possible to perform a standard liposuction procedure after the fat has been obtained for fat injections.

How is the fat obtained?

The fat is usually obtained from the part of the abdomen below the navel because this fat is loose and easy to remove. In patients who do not have enough available fat in this region, the buttocks can be used without any noticeable change in contour.

An aspiration technique is used that is sometimes used in liposuction. In this technique, a local anesthetic is injected into the fat. A thin, hollow tube attached to a syringe is inserted. The plunger on the syringe is partially withdrawn, creating a vacuum inside the syringe, which draws in the fat with minimal trauma to the cells. The fat is then purified, removing oil and serum, and prepared for injection.

Do I have to be put to sleep for fat injections?

I do perform fat injections in my office operating room under local anesthesia with an oral sedative, such as Valium. There is some discomfort during the injection of the local anesthetic into the donor area of fat and into the regions of the face that will receive the injections. If you feel that you can tolerate the injections of the local anesthetic while awake, then there is no need for a general anesthetic. However, if other procedures will be performed simultaneously, then fat injections can be performed under a general anesthetic as well.

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