How to Prepare for Your Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgeon Serving Indianapolis, Indiana

When you have decided to go forward with your plastic surgery procedure following your initial consultation, the next step is to meet with Indianapolis plastic surgeon, Dr. Joseph Fata, for a follow up consultation. This consultation will be scheduled approximately two weeks before your plastic surgery. This is a time for you to discuss the details of your procedure, your preparation, and the recovery process. All financial arrangements will also be finalized during this visit.

Dr. Fata is dedicated to taking the time to complete a thorough consultation process that covers every detail of the process from start to finish. This comprehensive consultation process is designed to develop realistic expectations and a thorough understanding of the surgical procedure itself, as well as the recovery process. With all the information you need, you can feel confident in your aesthetic choices at Renaissance Plastic Surgery.

Preparing for Your Plastic Surgery

Each plastic surgery procedure is unique, so precise preparations and recovery procedures will vary for each patient. Here are some general guidelines recommended by Dr. Fata for all the procedures he performs:

  • Stop Smoking. We request that all patients stop smoking at least 6 weeks before their surgery. This allows the body some time to heal from the effects of smoking that can compromise your procedure, including reduced blood circulation and healing. Once you have quit, there is no good reason to pick it up again, but if you do, it is critical that you wait at least 6 weeks after your surgery to allow your body to heal.
  • Review All Medications and Supplements. Dr. Fata will discuss all of your current medications and supplements during your follow up consultation. He will help you determine which medications should be continued and which should be avoided. If you are taking any medications that affect blood clotting or may otherwise affect your surgery, Dr. Fata will request that you stop taking them for at least two weeks before your surgery. Dr. Fata may prescribe antibiotics for you to begin prior to your surgery.
  • Manage Your Blood Pressure. If you struggle with high blood pressure, you will need to get the condition under control in order to undergo surgery. If you take medication for blood pressure regulation, continue to do so right up to your procedure.

During your consultation, Dr. Fata will perform a general physical exam and review your medical history. Pre-operative photographs will be taken so you can monitor your progress. Specific instructions for preparing for your surgery as well as instructions for post-operative healing will be provided based on your particular procedure and individual health considerations.

If you have any questions about your plastic surgery procedure at any time during the process, do not hesitate to call Renaissance Plastic Surgery. Contact us online or call Dr. Fata today at 317-575-9152