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As you age, your skin loses the collagen and elasticity that keeps it firm and smooth. Wrinkles and folds develop that erode your natural beauty. Fortunately, we have non-surgical options to diminish fine lines and wrinkles.

If you want to get rid of your wrinkles but aren’t ready for a facelift, talk to Indianapolis board-certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Fata about injectable fillers, a non-surgical procedure that will dramatically improve your appearance. Please call 317-575-9152 to schedule a consultation at our office in Indianapolis to learn more.

Types of Injectable Fillers

Dr. Fata offers a range of dermal fillers, enabling him to meet the unique needs of each patient. Options available at our office include:​

  • Juvéderm® - this family of hyaluronic acid fillers has formulations designed to address sunken in cheeks, parentheses lines, and wrinkles around the lips​
  • Radiesse® - this calcium hydroxylapatite filler is formulated to reduce the appearance of smile lines, marionette lines, and wrinkles along the jowls and chin. Radiesse can also be used to improve the texture and appearance of the hands​
  • Restylane® - another family of hyaluronic acid fillers, the Restylane line has formulas for facial wrinkles and folds, sunken cheeks, lip enhancement, and smoothing the back of the hands

Indianapolis Dermal Fillers

Collagen was the first injectable filler, but collagen has been replaced by longer lasting substances, such as hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance that restores lost volume, and calcium hydroxylapatite,one of the most studied and proven effective ingredients for the correction of lines and wrinkles.

Each of the injectable fillers available at our Indianapolis office has unique properties and formulations, and is designed to address specific concerns. After your consultation with Dr. Fata, you will know which one will work the best for you.

Injectable Filler Uses

Injectable fillers are often used for wrinkles and folds around the mouth that occur because of age and sun damage. They can also be used with BOTOX® Cosmetic for wrinkles caused by hyperactive muscles surrounding the eyes if the wrinkles are too deep to respond to BOTOX® Cosmetic alone.

If you are treating deep folds, any of the injectable fillers can be used. However, if you are treating more superficial lines, a softer product, such as Juvéderm, may be the better options. During your time in our care, we will help you choose which filler will be most effective for your needs.

Injectable filler treatments are performed as an in-office procedure with anesthetic creams to minimize discomfort. The results are seen immediately and will generally improve within the first week. With proper skin care, results from dermal fillers can last for one year or more.

Injectable Fillers in Indianapolis

Injectable Filler Recovery & Results

Injectable fillers may cause a small amount of swelling, which usually lasts a couple of days. Occasional bruising may occur as well. This can be hidden with makeup. The amount of swelling and bruising will vary somewhat with the type of filler that is used, your body's natural responses, and how well you care for your skin in the days following treatment.

Juvéderm and Restylane injections around the mouth will generally last 9-12 months. In the lips, the duration is shorter, usually about 6 months, because of the constant muscle activity of the lips. Radiesse can continue to produce results for up to 15 months. If you are looking for longer-lasting results, a surgical option such as facelift or blepharoplasty may be a better solution.

Injectable Filler Costs

At Renaissance Plastic Surgery, Juvederm and Restylane cost $595 per syringe. Radiesse is $800 per syringe. As with all of the services at our Indianapolis office, this cost includes all follow-up care by Dr. Fata. And, unlike some offices, Dr. Fata performs all injections himself, helping ensure optimal results.

If you are interested in learning about financing options for facial fillers, we can discuss our partnership with Key Bank during your initial consultation.

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